Grab Your Set Of The Amazing
MBMBL Card Deck

Be able to transform any problem into a resource through
MindBlowing MindBending conversation.

Finally, a deck that works and does the job.

Based on thousands of actual sessions.

It is built from science and experience by a professional.

Instructional videos are included in the package.

It comes with a nice black pouch for protection.


Be able to master therapeutical and brain-powered language for instant change and resource identification.

These cards come with a uniquely designed structure that can be used in any session and conversation with immediate result and success. They are also great for an in-depth exercise to master MindBending Language from memory and natural flow and intuition.

It is designed by a world-leading professional for professionals.

Change problems into resources instantly

Use the brains natural neural power of change
Solve issues by never talking about them

Learn a new way of communicating

It can be used in all conversation settings like therapy, sales, motivation, etc.

Get exclusive access to our two day MindBlowing MindBending Workshop

60 Specialized MindBending Cards

Made by six-time award-winning International Master Hypnotist and hypnosis Teacher
Martin Castor

Three Info Cards

A short introduction and an important message about the MBMBL cards.

Five Joker Question Cards

"What's the problem" cards. To activate and light up the "problem" neural network for fast change.

Eight Problem Cruncher Cards

The Problem Cruncher is a way to diminish and neglect the problem and problem state.

Eight Attention Shifter Cards

For redirecting the client's focus, we need their attention to focus on a problem opposite to work fully. 

Eight Resource Revealer Cards

Whenever a client's focus goes elsewhere but the problem or negatives, there is always a resource in it.

Eight Resource Enhancer Cards

When the resource or resources are identified, you need to ask deepening questions about them. 

Six Problem Challenger Cards

When we feel confident about our client's state and skills, we can challenge what used to be the problem.

Six Outcome State Activation Cards

We will be at step six if we have succeeded by eliminating the problem or if the problem is minimized and there are new and powerful resources that we can test. 

Eight Personal MBL Cards

We've made eight cards ready for you to personalize with your own MindBending questions.

Here's how to get your set of cards!

The deck of cards are designed and made in the United States of America, and shipped from Europe.

FULL MindBlowing MindBending Language Deck

Special Offer
One Exclusive Deck Of MBMBL Cards

$12 shipping will be added

FULL MindBlowing MindBending Language Deck
+ Protective Tin Box

Special Offer
One Exclusive Deck Of MBMBL Cards
+ One Protective Tin Box

$12 shipping will be added

THE DEVELOPER OF THE Mindblowing mindbending language and mbmbl cards

Martin Castor

  • Six-time Award Winning Hypnosis Instructor.
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Amazon Best Selling Author
  • TedX Speaker
  • International Trainer & Performer
  • Founder of The Hypno Academy Las Vegas & in Europe
  • Founder of Mastery Through Passion
  • Boardmember of ACHE & ICBCH
  • And generally, an inspiring, motivating, and fun individual who loves his job 🙂

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